Located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.

    Grottoes, VA

Our Farm & Staff

 "We pride ourselves in raising our sheep with the utmost compassion and humane conditions. Most of our ewes have names and their individual personalities and "voices" are easily distinguishable. " Dan King 
                                                           Our Farm

Quiet Acres Farm is a 100% Grass Fed lamb Sheep farm. No antibiotics or hormones given to our animals. We center our philosophy around raising and taking care of our animals with the utmost care and kindness.

Working Border Collies are used for farm chores. Livestock Guardian dogs used to protect the flock.

We encourage tours of the farm to know what you are eating and to meet your farmer. Schools, Groups and interested individuals are encouraged to visit.

USDA inspected Gourmet Grass Fed lamb sold directly from the farm to the consumer. 
                                                    Our Sheep 

The flock consists of pure Katahdin sheep, a breed of sheep known to be low maintenance, easy-care sheep that are highly parasite-resistant and have good hooves. They do not produce a fleece so do not require shearing. Their coats shed in the summer months and then regrow in time for the cold of winter. Lambs produce a lean, high quality meat that consistently offers a very mild flavor.

From spring through fall, our flock spends its time rotated between pastures of orchard grass/ alfalfa and Lakota Prairie brome grass. Each pasture is allowed to rest and restore before moving sheep back on to it. There are plenty of shade trees for them to rest under and unlimited access to fresh well water year round. The sheep are also supplemented with natural minerals that ensure their health.

In winter, they can choose to spend their time in the pasture eating hay from feeders or rest in the barn on wheat straw bedding. During the winter of 2009-2010, they spent a lot of time in the barn while the record snows piled up outside. Many times we find them comfortably resting in the barn with our guardian dogs sprawled alongside.

         Our Livestock Guardian Dogs

Lincoln (Linc) and Ben are two of three of our Livestock Guardian dogs (LGDs). Guardian dogs have an innate dislike of intruders such as stray dogs, coyotes, foxes, vultures or any other animal showing aggression toward "their" flock and territory.

Linc is a "Maremma" and Ben is an "Akbash".  Our farm their territory and they guard it 24/7.

Why do we have Livestock Guardian dogs (LGDs)?

-We wanted protection for our flock around the clock so that we do not have to worry about predator losses. In other words; Peace of mind.
-We do not believe in hunting, trapping or poisoning native predators. With Linc and Ben on the job, predators are repelled. We do believe in Coexistence with predators as they have their rightful place in nature and we respect it.
-Our farm philosophy includes staying in harmony with the surrounding area including interactions with native wildlife. It is a win-win situation for both sheep and predators having the LGDs.
Thanks to Linc, Benji, and Lexington, we have never lost an animal to a predator. In turn, we have an abundant population of Red and Gray fox on the farm as well as the occasional coyote outside of our fenced pastures.

Linc continues to be the crowd favorite on farm tours. He loves people and seems to especially like kids. Please schedule a visit to see the LGD's and their farm.
Our Border Collies

We are proud to have working Border Collies for companionship and farm chores involving the sheep. It allows us to stay close to traditional ways of farming sheep and eliminates the need for mechanized vehicles that could stress the animals. Plus, it is just plain ol' fun for us!

Our crew are constantly being trained on the job to handle the sheep quietly and efficiently.

Watching the Border Collies working the sheep is a favorite among people taking tours of the farm. Please come visit and we'll be sure to entertain you with a live demonstration with one or more of our "Farm Staff" listed here.

Currently Swift is top sheep boss on the farm. She is our 'go-to' dog , she's tireless, strong and very biddable.  See more pictures of our "farm family" on our photo gallery page.

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